Cox’s Classic Sermons 2013B

Cox’s Classic Sermons 2013B

by David Cox Editor

Summary of Cox’s Classic Sermons 2013B

This module is composed of 50 sermons by different people on different topics.

Evaluation by David Cox

I recommend this module.

Democrats violate the Bill of Rights
Democrats violate the Bill of Rights I reference an article in American Thinker that explains the Democrats' violation of most of the bill of rights. Whereas they are elected American politicians, each one is sworn to uphold the Constitution, and their way of governing is in flagrant violation of the law they swear to uphold.

Chapter Content of Cox’s Classic Sermons 2013B

Cox Classic Sermons 2013B
By David Cox editor
This module is composed of 50 sermons by different people on different topics.
Carr, Alan-Othniel: The Lion Of God – Judges 2:20-3:11
Carr, Alan-How Lefty Killed Fatty – Judges 3:12-30
Carr, Alan-Shamgar: The Obscure Savior – Judges 3:31
Carr, Alan-Deborah: A Woman Of Conviction And Courage – Judges 4:1-24
Carr, Alan-The High Cost Of Low Living – Judges 6:1-10
Carr, Alan-The Call Of Gideon – Judges 6:11-24
Carr, Alan-The Cultivation Of Gideon – Judges 6:25-32
Carr, Alan-The Challenge Of Gideon – Judges 6:33-40
Carr, Alan-God Has The Best Plan – Judges 7:1-23
Carr, Alan-Pride, Politics, and Persistence – Judges 8:1-21
Carr, Alan-The Temotations Of Gideon’s Final Days – Judges 8:22-35
Carr, Alan-Unknown Men Who Made A Difference – Judges 10:1-5
Carr, Alan-The Reject Who Became A Ruler – Judges 11:1-11
Carr, Alan-Be Careful Little Tongue What You Say – Judges 11:29-40
Carr, Alan-A Judge Is Born – Judges 13:1-25
Carr, Alan-All The Signs Point To Danger – Judges 14:1-9
Carr, Alan-A Gambler’s Tale – Judges 14:10-20
Carr, Alan-The Bitter Taste Of Sweet Revenge – Judges 15:1-8
Carr, Alan-Samson’s Finest Hour – Judges 15:18-20
Carr, Alan-Samson And The Shady Lady – Judges 16:1-3
Carr, Alan-The Stories of Samson And Delilah – Judges 16:4-21
Carr, Alan-The Restoration of A Fallen Hero – Judges 16:21-31
Edwards, Jonathan-A Divine and Supernatural Light
Edwards, Jonathan-Christ’s Agony
Edwards, Jonathan-God’s Sovereignty in the Salvation of Men
Edwards, Jonathan-God Glorified in Man’s Dependence
Edwards, Jonathan-Sermon: God Glorified in Man’s Dependence
Edwards, Jonathan-True Saints, When Absent from the Body, are Present with the Lord
Jones, Douglas- Why and What: A Brief Introduction to Christianity
Watson, Thomas – The Trinity
Bavinck, Herman – The Divine Trinity
Charnock, Stephen – God
Erskine, Ebenezer – Thoughts on Unbelief
Mahan, Henry – What is it to Preach the Gospel?
Chapman, J.W. – The Waning Pulpit
Chapman, J.W. – Eternity Is 57:15
Chapman, J.W. – The Master Is Come Jn 11:28
Chapman, J.W. – A Lost Opportunity 1Kng 20:40
Chapman, J.W. – …And Judas Iscariot Mk 3:19
Chapman, J.W. – Grieving the Spirit Eph 4:30
Chapman, J.W. – A Continual Allowance 2 Kings 25:30
Chapman, J.W. – The Accepted Time 2Cor 6:2
Chapman, J.W. – Put That On Mine Account Phlm 1:18
Banks, L.A. – Tragedies & Triumphs of the Human Will John 5:40 7:17
Banks, L.A. – A Preacher’s Second Chance I Tim. 4:11
Banks, L.A. – Christ As a Gardener John 20:14-16
Banks, L.A. – A Crown For the Man Who Fails Luke 7:28 Mark 6:24
Banks, L.A. – The Sword That Cuts Both Ways Heb. 4:13
Banks, L.A. – The Problem With Man-Flight Isaiah 40:31

Cox’s Classic Sermons 2013B