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Chapin, E.H. – Discourses on Various Subjects

Discourses on Various Subjects

by E.H. Chapin


This work by Chapin (Universalist) is 9 chapters on miscellaneous topics, the Tonge, Humility, conscience, Peter’s Denial, the Pastoral office, etc.

Evaluation by David Cox

This is more of a general work by Chapin. Being a Universalist, that is one strike against him, and his topics are not all that focused in my opinion.

I would not necessarily identify a whole lot of problems with this work, but I would not really recommend it as being a great work of great impact either.


Chapter Content

Title: Chapin-Discourse on Various Subjects
1. Hope and Humility
2. Truth in Contrasts
3. The Burning of Lexington
4. The Christian Disposition
5. The Government of Tongue
6. The Heavenly State Contrasted with the Earthly.
7. The Still Small Voice
8. Peter’s Denial
9. The Pastoral Office

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