Talbot, L.T. – Christ in the Tabernacle

Christ in the Tabernacle
by Louis T. Talbot, D.D., LL.D.
President of The Bible Institute of Los Angeles (BIOLA)
Copyright @ 1942

In this 20 chapter work, Talbot (Biola) presents us with a study of Christ in the Tabernacle. Among his topics, the high priest and sons, the court and gate, the tent, the brazen altar, the offerings, the laver, candlestick, table of shewbread, altar of incense, the ark and mercy seat, the day of Atonement, and the Shekinah Glory.

Table of Contents of Christ in the Tabernacle

1. “An Earthly Sanctuary” with a Heavenly Meaning
2. The High Priest and His Sons: Christ – Our Great High Priest and His Believer-Priests
3. The Court and the Gate: Christ – the Way to a Holy God
4. “The Tent of the Congregation”: God’s Dwelling Place “in the Midst” of His People
5. The Brazen Altar: a Shadow of the Cross
6. The Offerings Upon the Brazen Altar: Christ – Our Offering On Calvary’s Cross
7. The Laver of Brass: Christ – Our Cleanser
8. The Golden Candlestick: Christ, “the True Light,” and His “Children of Light”
9. The Table of Shewbread: Christ – “the Bread of Life”
10. The Golden Altar of Incense: Christ – Our “Advocate with the Father”
11. The Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy Seat: Christ – Our God at “the Throne of Grace”
12. The Day of Atonement: Another Shadow of the Cross and of Christ’s Return in Glory
13. The Shekinah Glory Upon the Finished Tabernacle

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