Abbott Darius the Great

Abbott Darius the Great

by Jacob Abbott


This is a 12 chapter historical work on the person of Darius the Great.

Evaluation by David Cox

I would only recommend this module for those students of Scripture who are wanting background to the historical times of the New Testament. Otherwise this work is just going to clog up your computer with a lot of works that are not directly useful in Bible study.

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Chapter Content

Chapter I. Cambyses.
Chapter II. The End Of Cambyses.
Chapter III. Smerdis The Magian.
Chapter IV. The Accession Of Darius.
Chapter V. The Provinces.
Chapter VI. The Reconnoitering Of Greece.
Chapter VII. The Revolt Of Babylon.
Chapter VIII. The Invasion Of Scythia.
Chapter IX. The Retreat From Scythia.
Chapter X. The Story Of Histiaeus.
Chapter XI. The Invasion Of Greece And The Battle Of Marathon.
Chapter XII. The Death Of Darius. Transcriber’s Notes

Abbott Darius the Great

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