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Alexander, A. – Outlines of Moral Science

Outlines of Moral Science

By Alexander, Archibald (1772-1851)
New York: Charles Scribner (1854)


Chapter 1. Conscience, or the Moral Faculty, 19
Chapter 2. The Moral Faculty, Original and Universal, 27
Chapter 3. A Moral Faculty Being Supposed, Whether its Dictates are Uniform, 30
Chapter 4. How Far all Men are Agreed in their Moral Judgments, 85
Chapter 5. Whether Conscience is the same as the Understanding, or a Faculty Different from and Independent of it, 40
Chapter 6. The Moral Sense Compared with Taste, 44
Chapter 7. Moral Obligation, 48
Chapter 8. The Supremacy of Conscience, 60
Chapter 9. Whether we Always do Right by Obeying the Dictates of Conscience? 64
Chapter 10. Whether there is in the Mind a Law or Rule, by which Man Judges of the Morality of Particular Actions? 73
Chapter 11. The Moral Feeling which Accompanies Every Moral Judgment, 78
Chapter 12. Belief in God, as Connected with the Operation of Conscience, 84
Chapter 13. Moral Agency, and What is Necessary to it, 89
Chapter 14. Man a Moral Agent, 97
Chapter 15. Man not under a Fatal Necessity, 101
Chapter 16. Man’s Direction and Government of his Actions, and his Consequent Responsibility, 107
Chapter 17. Objections to the Uniform Influence of Motives, 117
Chapter 18. Summary View of Liberty, 125
Chapter 19. The Kind of Indifference which has been Considered Essential to Free Agency, 182
Chapter 20. Whether Men are accountable for their Motives; or whether Desires and Affections which precede Volition, have a Moral Character? 186
Chapter 21. The Division of Motives, into Rational and Animal, 141
Chapter 22. Whether Morality Belongs to Principles as well as Acts, or is Confined to Acts Alone? 147
Chapter 23. Moral Habits, 155
Chapter 24. The Nature of Virtue, 159
Chapter 25. The Nature of Virtue, Continued. Different Hypotheses, 171
Chapter 26. The Nature of Virtue, Continued, 184
Chapter 27. Whether Virtue and Vice Belong only to Actions? 199
Chapter 28. The Author of our Being Considered in relation to Moral Science, 209
Chapter 29. The Phenomena of the Universe, 239
Chapter 30. Duties of Man to the Creator as thus manifested, 255
Alexandera-outlines-in-moral-science Bok
Alexandera-outlines-in-moral-science Bok
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