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MacDuff, J.R. – A New Testament Chapter in Providence and Grace

A New Testament Chapter in Providence and Grace

Noontide at Sychar (The story of Jacob’s well)

By John MacDuff, 1877

In this 14 chapter book, MacDuff explains some aspects of God’s Providence and Grace. This work is based on Jesus encounter with the woman at the well. Some of his chapters are the needs be, the weary pilgrim, the drawer of water, conference, rival races, the gift of God, the well is deep, the contrast, the first evasiona nd reply, the second evasion and reply, the moments of silence, the home missionary, and the heavenly food and the field of harvest.


1. The Needs Be
2. The Weary Pilgrim
3. The Drawer Of Water
4. The Conference
5. The Conference, (Continued)
6. Rival Races
7. The Gift Of God, And The Living Water
8. The Well Is Deep
9. The Contrast
10. First Evasion And Reply
11. Second Evasion And Reply
12. Moments Of Silence
13. The Home Missionary
14. The Heavenly Food And The Field Of Harvest

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