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Morgan, G.C. – The Gospel according to Mark



This is Pastor Morgan’s exposition on the Gospel of Mark. Excellent work.

Contents of The Gospel according to Mark

1. “The Beginning of the Gospel” Mar 1:1-3
2. “Jesus Came” Mar 1:4-13
3. “Jesus Came Into Galilee” Mar 1:14-35
4. “To this End Came I Forth” Mar 1:35-45 – Mar 2:1-12
5. “And the Pharisees Went Out” Mar 2:13-28 – Mar 3:1-6
6. “He Appointed Twelve” Mar 3:7-19 a
7. “And He Cometh Into a House” Mar 3:19 B-35
8. “He Taught Them Many Things” Mar 4:1-34
9. “Who Then is this?” Mar 4:35-41
10. “A Man with an Unclean Spirit” Mar 5:1-20
11. “Jairus and a Woman” Mar 5:21-43
12. “He Could There Do No Mighty Work” Mar 6:1-6
13. “Come Ye Yourselves Apart” Mar 6:7-56
14. “Ye Leave the Commandment of God” Mar 7:1-23
15. “He Hath Done All Things Well” Mar 7:24-37 – Mar 8:1-26
16. “Till They See the Kingdom” Mar 8:27-38 – Mar 9:1-13
17. “O Faithless Generation” Mar 9:14-29
18. “Be at Peace One with Another” Mar 9:30-50
19. “To Such Belongeth the Kingdom” Mar 10:1-16
20. “Why Callest Thou Me Good?” Mar 10:17-31
21. “His Life a Ransom For Many” Mar 10:32-52
22. “He Found Nothing But Leaves” Mar 11:1-25
23. “This Poor Widow Cast in More” Mar 11:27-33
24. “Watch” Mar 13:1-37
25. “A Large Upper Room, Furnished” Mar 14:1-26
26. “I Will Go Before You Into Galilee” Mar 14:27-52
27. “And They Led Jesus Away” Mar 14:53-72
28. “Himself He Cannot Save” Mar 15:1-32
29. “Aa Stone Against the Door” Mar 15:33-47
30. “The Stone is Rolled Back” Mar 16:1-20

More Works by Morgan

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Morgan-mark Bok
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