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Bullinger, E.W. – The Great Cloud of Witnesses

The Great Cloud of Witnesses

by E.W. Bullinger


In this work (11 chapters) by Bullinger (Brethren, HyperDispensationalist) he examines “the great cloud of witnesses” mentioned in Hebrew. He has two divisions, the introduction (4 chapters) and Abel: Faith’s worship of God with 5 more chapters. This great cloud of witnesses is the heavenly observers of earth’s events.

Chapter Content

* Introduction
1. The Scope of Hebrews Eleven
2. Reckoning by Faith (verse 3)
3. Faith (cometh) by Hearing
4. Hearing (cometh) by the Word of God
* 1. Abel: Faith’s Worship of God
1. The Two Ways of Access
2. The Two Ways of Worship
3. Abel’s Faith: The Witness God Bore
4. Abel’s Faith: The Witness Abel Obtained
5. Abel’s Faith: “The Blood of Abel” and “The Way of Cain”

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