Candlish, R.S. – Scripture Characters and Miscellanies

Scripture Characters and Miscellanies
by Robert Smith Candlish

London: T. Nelson and Sons,
Pathrnoster Row
Edinburgh; and New York
Copyright 1857

This is a classic study on characters from Scripture: Joseph, Eli, Ahab, Jehoshapat, Herod, Peter, Mary-Martha-Lazarus, Peter-John, Peter-John-Mary, the Spirit of God striving with man.

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1.The Universal Characteristic “And He Died”
2.Eli His Heart Trembled For The Ark Of God Part I
3. Eli A Godly Man Trembling For The Ark Of God Part II
4. Eli A Godly Man Trembling For The Ark Of God Part III
5. The Long-Suffering Of God. Example In The Case Of An Impenitent Sinner. Character Of Ahab
6. The Forbearance Of God In The Case Of The Righteous Character Of Jehoshaphat
7. Herod Weakness Growing Into Wickedness On The Character Of Herod, Tetrarch Of Galilee
8. Herod An Example Of “Worldly Sorrow Working Death”
9. Herod An Example Of An Alleged Necessity Of Sinning
10. Peter His General Character Its Strength And Weakness
11. Peter The Trial, Infirmity, And Triumph Of His Faith
12. Martha And Mary Part I. Their Common Grief
13. Martha And Mary Part Ii. Their Different Kinds Of Grief And The Lord’s Different Ways Of Dealing With Them
14. The Friendship Of Peter And John Part I
15. The Friendship Of Peter And John Part Ii
16. Mary Magdalene With Peter And John At The Sepulchre
17. The Spirit Of God Striving With Man Pontius Pilate Judging The Lord Christ
18. The Wicked Taken In Their Own Net Pontius Pilate Dealing With The Jews
19. The Case Of Pilate A Warning Against Resisting The Spirit


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