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Slattery Following Christ

Slattery Following Christ  (Episcopal Anglican), he presents us with topics about “Following Christ”. His chapters are The Definite Decision, Character, The Creed, The Church, Christian Worship, The Holy Communion, Knowing Christ Face to Face.

Following Christ

by Charles Lewis Slattery, D.D.
Bishop of Massachusetts
New Edition, Enlarged
Copyright, 1928 and 1929, by Charles Lewis Slattery

In this 8 chapter work by Slattery (Episcopal Anglican), he presents us with topics about “Following Christ”. His chapters are The Definite Decision, Character, The Creed, The Church, Christian Worship, The Holy Communion, Knowing Christ Face to Face. Continue reading

Slattery-following-christ Bok
Slattery-following-christ Bok
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Smith’s Literal Translation [SLT]

Smith’s Literal Translation [SLT]


The Julia Evelina Smith Parker Translation is considered the first complete translation of the Bible into English by a woman. The Bible was titled The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally from the Original Tongues.

Julia Smith, of Glastonbury, Connecticut had a working knowledge of Latin, Greek and Hebrew. Her father had been a Congregationalist minister before he became a lawyer. Having read the Bible in its original languages, she set about creating her own translation, which she completed in 1855, after a number of drafts. The work is a strictly literal rendering, always translating a Greek or Hebrew word with the same word wherever possible. Smith accomplished this work on her own in the span of eight years (1847 to 1855). She had sought out no help in the venture, even writing, “I do not see that anybody can know more about it than I do.” Smith’s insistence on complete literalness, plus an effort to translate each original word with the same English word, combined with an odd notion of Hebrew tenses (often translating the Hebrew imperfect tense with the English future) results in a translation that is mechanical and often nonsensical.

In 1876, at 84 years of age some 21 years after completing her work, she finally sought publication. The publication costs ($4,000) were personally funded by Julia and her sister Abby Smith. The 1,000 copies printed were offered for $2.50 each, but her household auction in 1884 sold about 50 remaining copies.

The translation fell into obscurity as it was for the most part too literal and lacked any flow. Jer. 22:23 was given as follows: “Thou dwelling in Lebanon, building as nest in the cedars, how being compassionated in pangs coming to thee the pain as in her bringing forth.” Continue reading

SBL Greek New Testament

SBL Greek New Testament


The SBL Greek New Testament or SBLGNT is a critically edited edition of the Greek New Testament published by Logos Bible Software and the Society of Biblical Literature in October 2010. It was edited by Michael W. Holmes. It is also published in paperback form.

The SBLGNT features an apparatus that records differences not among manuscripts, but rather from other published editions of the Greek New Testament. According to the editors this is a function of a “reading edition” that calls attention to text critical issues. The text was created by starting with the Westcott and Hort text and then comparing it to Tregelles, Robinson-Pierpont, and the text underlying the NIV. Continue reading

Stalker, J. – The Preacher and His Models

The Preacher and His Models

The Yale Lectures On Preaching, 1891
on Preacher and His Models
by the Rev. James Stalker, D.D.
Copyright, 1891, by a.C. Armstrong & Son.

Summary of Preacher and His Models

In this 9 chapter work, Stalker (Scottish Presbyterian) profiles a biblical preacher as a Man of God, a Patriot, a man of the Word, a False Prophet, a Man, a Christian, an Apostle, a Thinker, and then ends with an appendix “An Ordination charge.” Preacher and His Models

Continue reading

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Stalker-the-preacher-and-his-models Bok
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