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Machen Virgin Birth of Christ

In Machen Virgin Birth of Christ Machen studies the Virgin birth looking at how each of the Synoptic Gospel writers address it. He also looks at the Virgin Birth and Secular History, and references places in the rest of the NT. He also addresses alternative theories and their problems.

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Machen-virgin-birth-of-christ Bok
Machen-virgin-birth-of-christ Bok
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Machen Life of Christ

The Life of Christ by J. Gresham Machen (1881-1937) In this short 9 chapter work, Machen deals with the life of Christ. His divisions are: 1. The Preparation, 2. the first coming of Christ, 3. His baptism, 4. the early Judean Ministry, 5. the beginning of the Galilaean Ministry, 6. Christ’s period of popularity, 7. the Turning point, 8. Jesus as Messiah, and 9. the prediction of the Cross

CONTENTS 1. The Preparation 2. The Coming of the Lord 3. The Baptism 4. The Early Judean Ministry 5. The Beginning of the Galilaean Ministry 6. The Period of Popularity 7. The Turning Point 8. Jesus as Messiah 9. The Prediction of the Cross Continue reading

Machen-the-life-of-christ Bok
Machen-the-life-of-christ Bok
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Mackie The Gift of Tongues

The Gift of Tongues:
A Study in Pathological Aspects of Christianity
by Alexander Mackie (1921)

Minister of the Tully Memorial Presbyterian Church of Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, New York, George H. Doran Company Copyright, 1921,

O grant us light, that we may see
Where error lurks in human lore,
And turn our doubting minds to Thee,
And love Thy simple word the more.
Laurence Tuttiett.

If you suppose for a moment that the phenomena of speaking in tongues as we see it today is really the work of demons, most pro-tongues speakers would object, “You have no proof of a connection!” This book will trace for you all the examples of tongues and tongues like activity through the ages, identifying the phenomena with demon activity, obvious demonic possession coming on those who speak in tongues, and other weird behaviour like the Shakers nude dancing in their church servcies, and Joseph Smith’s visions and tongues, and other demonic activity. This is a must read book for those interested in knowing the truth about modern tongues. Continue reading

Morgan, G.C. – The Parables of the Kingdom

The Parables of the Kingdom

BY G. Campbell Morgan, D.D.
Copyright, 1907, by
This work concentrates on just Jesus’ Kingdom parables, 10 of them. These are the Sower, the Tares, the Mustard Seed, Leaven, Hidden treasure, the Pearl, the Net, and the householder. Continue reading

Morgan-parables of kingdom
Morgan-parables of kingdom
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