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Dreamer – Power of the Spirit

The Power of the Spirit

Power of the Spirit
by Percy Dreamer, M.A., D.D.
Professor of Ecclesiastical Art, King’s College London
Humphrey Milford Oxford University Press
London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Cape Town, Bombay 1919
Printed in England at the Oxford University Press

In this short 4 chapter work by Percy Dreamer (Anglican) he does a study on the Power of the Holy Spirit, presenting us with the Military Value, the Gifts of the Spirit, the Talents of the Spirit, and the fruits of the Spirit.  Continue reading

Dreamer-the-power-of-the-spirit Bok
Dreamer-the-power-of-the-spirit Bok
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Dolman Simple Talks on the Tabernacle

In Dolman Simple Talks on the Tabernacle by Dolman, he examines 24 different aspects of the Tabernacle: the hangings, the pillar, the gate, the altar, the sacrifices, the fire, the laver, the different parts of the tent, the lamb, the candlestick, and the table.

Simple Talks on the Tabernacle

by D. H. Dolman, M. A., D. D.
With an Introduction by Wilbur M. Smith
Copyright @ 1954 Continue reading

Dolman-simple-talks-on-the-tabernacle Bok
Dolman-simple-talks-on-the-tabernacle Bok
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Dargan Art of Preaching in the Light of Its History

The Art of Preaching in the Light of Its History
by Edwin Charles Dargan

My Professor of Homiletics in the Southern Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. Author of “a History of Preaching ” Etc. the Holland Lectures Given At the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, October, 1921.

New York
George H. Doran Company
Copyright, 1922,

Continue reading

Dargan-art-preaching Bok
Dargan-art-preaching Bok
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Dennett The Three Marys

Dennett The Three Marys by Edward Dennett on three Marys in the Bible: Mary, our Lord’s mother, Mary of Bethany, and Mary Magdalene.

The Three Marys
as presented in the Gospels.
By Edward Dennett.

This is a short 3 chapter work by Edward Dennett on three Marys in the Bible: Mary, our Lord’s mother, Mary of Bethany, and Mary Magdalene. Continue reading

Dennett-edward-the-three-marys Bok
Dennett-edward-the-three-marys Bok
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Dunn, M. – Founders Journal 2011-12

Founders Journal 2011-12

by Mark Dunn


These are Sunday School lessons from the Founders Journal, 2012-2013

Evaluation by David Cox

These are 52 weekly Sunday School classes which are shorter expositional works on different passages.

I recommend this work.

Continue reading

Founders-journal-2012-13 Bok
Founders-journal-2012-13 Bok
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