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Adams, N. – Power and Office of the Holy Spirit

Adams-Power and Office of the Holy Spirit
by Nehemiah Adams

12 treatises on different subjects:

Worldiness, Duty to congregate, Duty to pray, revivals, divine sovereignty, duty to witness, duty to observe the Sabbath, Power and office of Holy Spirit, power of Prayer, Spread of Gospel. Continue reading

Adams - Power and Office of Holy Spirit Bok
Adams - Power and Office of Holy Spirit Bok
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Albert the Great – On Cleaving to God

On Cleaving to God

On Cleaving to God
attributed to Saint Albert the Great (1193-1280)

This famous and much loved little treatise, On Cleaving to God, (De Adhaerendo Deo) has always been attributed to Saint Albert the Great, who lived from about 1200 to 1280, and was one of the most respected theologians of his time.”I have had the idea of writing something for myself on and about the state of complete and full abstraction from everything and of cleaving freely, confidently, nakedly and firmly to God alone, so as to describe it fully (in so far as it is possible in this abode of exile and pilgrimage), especially since the goal of Christian perfection is the love by which we cleave to God.” –St. Albert the Great, On the highest and supreme perfection of man, in so far as it is possible in this life. Continue reading

Albert-on-cleaving-to-god Bok
Albert-on-cleaving-to-god Bok
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Alexander, A. – A Brief Compendium of Bible Truth

Alexander-Brief Compendium of Bible Truth

A Brief Compendium of Bible Truth,
by Archibald Alexander, D.D., professor in the Theological Seminar at Princeton, New Jersey. Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication (1846).

This summary of Christianity’s major doctrines is an excellent resource book for the average reader who don’t want to go to the larger Systematic Theology books. It contains 38 short chapters on various core Bible doctrines. Alexander’s emphasis is on experimental theology, as contrasted to head intellectual theology, therefore his book is intensely practical.

Alexander – Authenticity, Inspiration, & Canonical Authority of Scripture

Evidences of the Authenticity, Inspiration, and Canonical Authority of the Holy Scriptures
By the Rev. Archibald Alexander, D.D.
Prof. of Theology in Theological Seminary at Princeton.
AND SABBATH-SCHOOL WORK, No. 1334 Chestnut Street.

Entered according to the act of Congress in the year 1836, by Archibald Alexander, in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the District of New Jersey.

In this 23 chapter work on Bibliology by Alexander (Presbyterian), he examines various aspects of the Bible (bibliology) including prophecy, inspiration, preservation, etc. Continue reading

Adams Endless Punishment

Adams Endless Punishment is a defense of Scripturalness of Eternal Punishment. Basically the Universalists deny that a loving God would allow anybody to be punished eternally. This treatise attacks the Universalist position.

Continue reading

Adams - Endless Punishment Scriptural Argument Bok
Adams - Endless Punishment Scriptural Argument Bok
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Adams-endless-punishment-scriptural-argument Bok
Adams-endless-punishment-scriptural-argument Bok
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