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Washburn, L.K. – Is The Bible Worth Reading And Other Essays

Is The Bible Worth Reading And Other Essays

by Lemuel K. Washburn

New York
The Truth Seeker Company
Is The Bible Worth Reading

This work, Is The Bible Worth Reading,  is simply 108 short quips and quotes on different subjects. Note the title of the work comes from the 1st of these sections, and the entire work deals very little or almost nothing with bibliology. The quotes cover all subjects related to Christianity.

fam48 Men are God's Agents
is a tract about how God uses men as his principle workers of His will, looking at man as God wants him to be. Manhood and the husband-wife relationship.
Excerpt: Women find their task from God in their social relationship with their husband and with training their children in the ways of God.
Download: fam48 Men are God's Agents

Note from Editor: Please forgive me, but this work’s original title had nothing to do with its contents. I am renaming this book to something more descriptive of its contents.–David Cox
Is The Bible Worth Reading

CONTENTS of Is The Bible Worth Reading
Is the Bible Worth Reading
The Drama of Life
Nature in June
The Infinite Purpose
Freethought Commands
A Rainbow Religion
A Cruel God
What is Jesus
Deeds Better Than Professions
Give Us the Truth
The American Sunday
Lord and Master
Are Christians Intelligent or Honest
The Danger of the Ballot
Who Carried the Cross
Modern Disciples of Jesus
A Poor Excuse
Profession and Practice
Where is Truth
What Does it Prove
Human Responsibility
Abolish Dirt
Religion and Morality
Jesus as a Model
Singing Lies
A Walk Through a Cemetery
Peace with God
Saving the Soul
The Search For Something to Worship
Where Are They
Some Questions For Christians to Answer
The Image of God
Religion and Science
The Bible and the Child
When to Help the World
The Judgment of God
Christianity and Freethought
The Brotherhood and Freedom of Man
Whatever is is Right
The Object of Life
The Dogma of the Divine Man
The Rich Man’s Gospel
Speak Well of One Another
Disgraceful Partnerships
Science and Theology
Unequal Remuneration
The Old and the New
Guard the Ear
The Character of God
Not Important
Dead Words
Confession of Sin
Death’s Philanthropy
Our Attitude Towards Nature
Reverence For Motherhood
The God of the Bible
The Measure of Suffering
Don’t Try to Stop the Sun Shining
Follow Me
Can We Never Get Along Without Servants?
a Heavenly Father
Worship Not Needed
Was Jesus a Good Man
How to Help Mankind
On the Cross
Equal Moral Standards
A Clean Sabbath
Human Integrity
Is it True
Keep the Children at Home
Teacher and Preacher
Fear of Doubts
Can Poverty Be Abolished
The Roman Catholic God
Human Cruelty
Christian Happiness
What God Knows
The Meaning of the Word God
What Has Jesus Done For the World
The Agnostic’s Position
Ideas of Jesus
The Silence of Jesus
Does the Church Save
Save the Republic
A Woman’s Religion
The Sacrifice of Jesus
Fashionable Hypocrisy
The Saturday Half-Holiday
The Motive For Preaching
The Christian’s God
Indifference to Religion
Sunday Schools
Going to Church
Who is the Greatest Living Man
Lemuel K. Washburn

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