Moore, H. – A Treatise on the Divine Nature

TREATISE On the Divine Nature, 

Exhibiting the Distinction the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

by Humphrey Moore,
Pastor of the Church in Milford, N. H.


In this work, Pastor Moore deals with some of God’s attributes in relation to the persons of the Trinity. Some chapters are: The Existence of God, unity of God, plurality in divine nature, the Father, in what sense is Christ the Son of God, divine attributes and names, and various studies on Christ as God.


The existence of God, – – – – 9

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The Unity of God, – – … is

Plurality in the Divine Nature, … 25

On the Father, – – – – 39

In what sense Christ is the Son of God, . . 46

Divine names given to Christ, – – – 82

Divine attributes ascribed to Christ, – – – 95

Christ the Author of Creation, – – – 109

Christ possesses divine authority, – – – 119

Divine honors given to the Son of God, – – 135

Christ’s raising the dead and judging the world, are evidences of his divinity, – – – 151

On the humiliation and exaltation of Jesus Christ, – 160

Christ’s divinity argued from the place he holds in our system of religion, and in believers’ hearts, – 168

Christ the Author of salvation, – – – 180

On the Mediatorial office of Jesus Christ, – 187

Christ the Angel of the Covenant, – – – 197

The opinions of the ancient Jews respecting the Son of God,

The opinions of the Christian Fathers respecting Jesus Christ, 227

On the Atonement of Christ, … 249

On the Humanity of Christ, – – – 271

A summary View of the evidences of the divinity of Jesus Christ, 282

On the Distinction and Divinity of the Holy Spirit, 300

The connexion of Divine Plurality with other doctrines of the Sacred Scriptures, – – 329

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“A Treatise on the Divine Nature, exhibiting the distinction of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. By Huraphiey Moore, Pastor of the Church in Milford, N. H.”‘

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