McAfee, C.B. – A Study of the King James Version of the Bible

A Study of the King James Version of the Bible
By Cleland Boyd McAfee

In this 6 chapter work, McAfee discusses the history, making, and influence of the King James Bible.


Preface 3

Our Tract Ministry

This page describes our tract ministry, including tract production (printing and folding). Our ministry is not that big yet, but we continue to grow. We have about 350 Spanish titles and 90 English titles and are adding translations into other languages. Please read this page and pray for this ministry.

Lecture 1 Preparing the Way– The English Bible before King James 4

Lecture 2 The Making of the King James Version; Its Characteristics 21

Lecture 3 The King James Version as English Literature 39

Lecture 4 The Influence of the King James Version on English Literature 56

Lecture 5 The King James Version–Its Influence on English and American History 83

Lecture 6 The Bible in the Life of To-Day 101

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