Murray, A. – With Christ in the School of Prayer

WITH CHRIST In the School of Prayer

School of Prayer
Thoughts on Our Training for the Ministry of Intercession

In this book Murray examines various prayer related topics, including praying to the father, praying in secret, the Holy Spirit and prayer, importunity, faith, fasting, forgiving, praying together with another, etc.

Table of Contents School of Prayer

1. Lord teach us to Pray
2. In Spirit and in Truth
3. Pray to Thy Father which is in Secret
4. After This Manner, Pray
5. Ask and it shall be given you
6. How Much More?
7. How much more the Holy Spirit
8. Because of His Importunity
9. Pray the Lord of the Harvest
10. What wilt thou?
11. Believe that ye have recieved
12. Have faith in God
13. Prayer and Fasting
14. When ye stand praying, forgive
15. If two agree
16. Speedily, though bearing long
17. I Know that thou hearest me always
18. Whose is this image?
19. I Go unto the Father
20. That the Father may be glorified
21. If ye abide in Me
22. My words in you
23. Bear fruit that the Father may give what ye ask
24. In My Name
25. At that day
26. I Have prayed for thee
27. Father I will
28. Father not what I will
29. If we ask according to His will
30. An Holy Priesthood
31. Pray without ceasing
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Murray SP: George Muller and the Secret of His Power in Prayer

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