Murray, A. – The Power of the Blood of Jesus

The Power of the Blood of Jesus
by Andrew Murray

In this 10 chapters work by Andrew Murray (Deeper Life, Reformed) he examines the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. His chapters are what the Scriptures teach, redemption, reconciliation, cleansing, and sanctification are through the blood. We are cleansed to serve God, and the blood is necessary to dwell in the holiest. There is life, victory, and heavenly joy through the blood.


Chapter 1. What the Scriptures teach about the Blood
Chapter 2. Redemption by Blood
Chapter 3. Reconciliation through the Blood
Chapter 4. Cleansing through the Blood
Chapter 5. Sanctification through the Blood
Chapter 6. Cleansed by the Blood to Serve the Living God
Chapter 7. Dwelling in “the Holiest” through the Blood
Chapter 8. Life in the Blood
Chapter 9. Victory through the Blood
Chapter 10. Heavenly joy through the Blood

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