Bustin, G. – He Careth for You

He Careth for You

By Gerald Bustin


In this 11 chapter work by Bustin (Missionary), he explores the different concepts presented in Psalm 23.

Evaluation by David Cox

This work is by a missionary, so my being a missionary also, I would recommend it. The book deals with the 23rd Psalm. The style is more devotional than expositional.

Chapter Content

Chapter 1. the Sovereign — Shepherd
Chapter 2. Faith’s Declaration
Chapter 3. Disciplined Rest
Chapter 4. Restoration
Chapter 5. He Leadeth Me
Chapter 6. Through the Shadows of the Valley
Chapter 7. Comforts of His Rod and Staff
Chapter 8. Our Servant — Shepherd Spreads a Table
Chapter 9. the Anointing and the Overflow
Chapter 10. Hedged About
Chapter 11. the End of the Pilgrim Pathway

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