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Best, W.E. – God is Love

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God Is Love
by W. E. Best
Copyright © 1986 W. E. Best

In this 10 chapter work by Best (Assembly of Christ), Pastor Best studies the love of God. He first looks at love as God declares “God is love”. Then he examines how the divine purpose guarantess the manifestation of God’s love, God’s love elects some, man cannot comprehend this divine love in election, love is discriminating, God loves some and hates others, the difference between God’s hate and wrath, the divine love calls the elect, and God sends his messengers to proclaim this love.


1. God Is Love
2. God’s Purpose Guarantees The Manifestation Of His Love
3. God In Love Elected Some
4. Man Cannot Comprehend God’s Love In Election
5. God’s Love Is Discriminating
6. God Love Some And Hates Others
7. God’s Hate And Wrath Differ
8. The Love Of God Is A Truth For Saints
9. In Love God Calls The Elect
10. God Sends Messengers To Proclaim His Love

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TREATISE On the Divine Nature, 

Exhibiting the Distinction the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

by Humphrey Moore,
Pastor of the Church in Milford, N. H.


In this work, Pastor Moore deals with some of God’s attributes in relation to the persons of the Trinity. Some chapters are: The Existence of God, unity of God, plurality in divine nature, the Father, in what sense is Christ the Son of God, divine attributes and names, and various studies on Christ as God. Read the rest of this entry »

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Alford-Scriptural Doctrine of Trinity
Alford-Scriptural Doctrine of Trinity

The Manual: The Scriptural Doctrine Of The Trinity, Investigated And Defended

By M.W. Alford

This is 17 chapter book is a treatise on the Trinity.

CHAPTER I. Evidences of the real humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ. His body was human He had a human soul
CHAPTER II. Evidences that the Lord Jesus possessed a divine nature, and was in that nature as truly God as he was man in his human nature
CHAPTER III. A brief view of the worship which is addressed to our Lord Jesus Christ, and which acknowledges him to be God
CHAPTER IV. The Omniscience of our Lord Jesus Christ
CHAPTER V. The wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, is the wisdom of Jehovah ; therefore, in this respect, he is God
CHAPTER VI. The Omnipresence of our Lord Jesus Christ
CHAPTER VII. The Immutability of our Lord Jesus Christ
CHAPTER VIII. The Omnipotence of our Lord Jesus Christ
CHAPTER IX. The equality of our Lord Jesus Christ with God the Father,
CHAPTER X. Jesus Christ, in his divine nature, is God
CHAPTER XI. There is a Plurality of Persons in the Godhead
CHAPTER XII. The Number of Persons in the Godhead are Three
CHAPTER XIII. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are one God
CHAPTER XIV. Consequences of the doctrine which teaches that Jesus Christ is not truly God, and truly man
CHAPTER XV. The Statements and Doctrine of Unitarians
CHAPTER XVI. Plain Logical Deductions from the Statements of modern Unitarians
CHAPTER XVII. Some of the most Prominent Objections to the doctrine of the Trinity, considered
QUESTIONS on the character of Christ
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The Harmony Of the Divine Attributes in the Contrivance and Accomplishment of Man’s Redemption

P H I L A D E L P H I A :

This is a Presbyterian book. Chapters Fall of Man, Man’s natural state was mutable. Moral impotence of Man. Wisdom of God in Redemption. Causes of Unbelief. Freeness of Divine Mercy in Redemption. Justice of God in Redemption. Holiness of God. Example of Christ and Gift of the Holy Spirit. Power and Truth of God in Redemption. Read the rest of this entry »

Proofs and Illustrations of the Attributes of God, from the facts and laws of the Physical Universe being the foundation of Natural and revealed Religion.

By JOHN MACCULLOCH, M.D., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.G.S., &c. &c.

‘The invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the tilings that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead.”— Romans 1:20.


In this 72 chapter work (3 volumes), MacCulloch first presents the existence of the deity, the knowledge of the deity, and the wisdom of the deity. In volume 2 he presents us with the power of the deity, and in volume 3 the goodness and government of the deity.

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Boettner, L. – The Trinity

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The Trinity
By Loraine Boettner

Summary: In this 11 chapter work by Boettner (Presbyterian), he presents us with an explanation and argument for the doctrine of the Trinity. Some of his chapters are: The Trinity in the Old Testament, One substance and three persons, the meaning of the words “Father”-“Son”-“Spirit”. the subordination of the Son and Spirit to the Father, and the generation of the Son and the Procession of the Spirit. Some historical and practical aspects. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Fatherhood of God, and Its Relation to the Person and Work of Christ, Operations of the Holy Spirit.

By CHARLES H. H. WRIGHT, M.A., of Trinity College Dublin and Exeter College , Oxford British Ciujpluin at Dresden.



The Fatherhood of God: and Its Relation to the Person and Work of Jesus Christ and the Operation of the Holy Spirit. 



INTRODUCTORY The Tripartite Nature of Man Sonship not granted in Eden, . . l


The Fall and its Difficulties Adam not dealt with as a Son, . H


Traducianism and Creationism Original Sin, . .29


Sciipture Passages which speak of God as a Father, Considered, . 45


The Revelations in Scripture concerning God s Character and Attributes Opposed to the Doctrine of the Universal Fatherhood Danger of such a Dogma, . 62


The Doctrine of the Universal Fatherhood Opposed by the Scriptural Doctrine of the Eternity or Finality of the Punishment of the Ungodly Eternal Punish ment may not imply Eternal Torment, . -79


The Fatherhood of God in relation to the Lord Jesus Christ The Doctrine of the Trinity Old Testament Manifestations of Christ Passages of the Old Testament supposed to speak of the Divine Sonship The New Testament Revelation of the Eternal Filiation, . . . . .98


The Fatherhood of God in relation to the Human Nature of the Lord Jesus Review of Passages in the Old and New Testaments The Mysteries of the Incarnation Christ a Perfect Man Conscience in Christ His Temptation, . . . .123


The Sonship of Christ The Learning of Obedience Christ s Work as Son A Teacher of the meaning of the Law His Atonement Modern Caricatures of Evangelical Doctrine The True Doctrine of Christ s Death His Resurrection Body, . 143


The Sonship of Believers The Scriptural Doctrine of Conversion What it is Conversion and Regeneration The New Birth, . .162



The Sonship of Believers The Gift of the Holy Spirit the distinguishing mark of the New Testament The Baptism of the Spirit Spiritual Life The New. Birth a Literal Regeneration of the Spirit in Man Adoption and Regeneration The Sonship of Believers a Reality ” Brethren ” of Christ Practical Remarks . . . . .178


The Sonship of Believers Its connection with the Resurrection Difficulties of the Resurrection The Resurrection body like those of the angels And that of our Lord Their peculiarities reviewed, . 195


The Sonship of Believers No security in the position of mere subjects Sonship a final state Final preservation promised in the New Testament apart from all theories of Predestination Passages which seem to teach otherwise reviewed The privileges of Sonship, . . .209


Baptismal Regeneration considered in relation to the doctrine of the Sonship of Believers, . .229


No. I. The Tripartite Nature of Man, . . 249

No. II. Scripture Revelations on the Intermediate State of the Dead, . . 257

No. III. Note on Ps. ii. 7, . . . 282

No. IV. On the Translation of Ps. ii. 12, . . 284

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