Finney, C.G. – Holiness of Christians in the Present Life

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Holiness of Christians in the Present Life
written by Charles G. Finney
Published in the OBERLIN EVANGELIST:1843

These are 13 lectures by Finney (Deeper Life) on various Christian virtures: Prove all things, nature of true virture, selfishness, Christian character, Christian warfare, putting on Christ, way to be holy, Fulness there is in Christ, Justification, unbelief, gospel liberty. Continue reading

Beet, J.A. – Holiness: Symbolic and Real

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Holiness: Symbolic and Real
a Bible Study
by Joseph Agar Beet, D.D.
FIRST EDITION …. April 1910

Sanctify them in the Truth. . . . On their behalf I sanctify Myself, in order that also they may themselves be sanctified.” Joh 17:17, 19.

May the God of peace Himself sanctify you. . . .  Faithful is He who calls you, who also will do it.” 1Th 5:23-24.

It is written, Ye shall be holy : because I am holy.” 1Pe 1:16.

This is a general study on holiness in the Bible. Beet looks at holiness in the different divisions of the Old Testament and New Testament, as well as in the Septuagint version and the Apocrypha. He then turns to the holiness of Christ, and then the servants of Christ. Then he looks at the life devoted to God, and other general concepts of holiness (in Christ, by Faith, as opposed to sin, growth in holiness, the holiness of God, and Holiness in the Methodist Revival). Continue reading

Baxter, S. – A New Call To Holiness

A New Call To Holiness
A Restudy and Restatement of New Testament Teaching concerning
Christian Sanctification

This is an excellent work on holiness by Sidlow Baxter (Baptist).

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Chadwell, D.W. – Becoming God’s Spiritual Person

Becoming God’s Spiritual Person

By David W. Chadwell
March, 2010


This is a 13 chapter work which challenges the reader to realize there is a difference between being religious and being spiritual.  It affirms the continuing involvement of the activity of the divine in our salvation.  It challenges all in Christ to seek spirituality.  It challenges the reader to think.  It does not challenge readers to conform to specific values or concepts.

Evaluation by David Cox

Personally I do not agree with everything the Church of Christ people would hold to, most notably their position on Baptism, but overall they do produce some good works when it comes to books and sermons and things. I would recommend this work.

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Chadwick, S. – The Call To Christian Perfection

The Call To Christian Perfection

By Samuel Chadwick


In this 13 chapter work, Chadwick makes a call to Christian Perfection. In this work he examines and explains Christian Perfection, taking in consideration Wesley’s view of it. Continue reading